3-D Scottish - American War Memorial - Copyright © 2017 Graeme Watson.

3-D Scottish - American

War Memorial

Edinburgh, Scotland

3-D Scottish - American War Memorial

The memorial was paid for by The Scottish – American War Memorial Committee representing Scottish-Americans as a tribute to the bravery of Scottish troops during the Great War (First World War) World War I - 1914 to 1918.
The memorial was built in 1927, designed by R. Tait McKenzie a Scottish Canadian and was unveiled on the 7 Sept 1927 by United States Ambassador to the United Kingdom, Alanson B.Houghton. The memorial, shows a kilted infantryman looking towards Edinburgh Castle. Behind the statue is a frieze showing queues of men answering the call by following a kilted pipe band. Along the bottom of the frieze are lines from E. A. Mackintosh's poem "A Creed": "If it be life that waits I shall live forever unconquered; if death I shall die at last strong in my pride and free." Mackintosh 23 of Scottish descent was killed at the second Battle of Cambrai in 1917.



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