3-D The H.M.A.S Diamantina Memorial - Copyright © 2017 Graeme Watson

3-D The H.M.A.S Diamantina


South Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

3-D The H.M.A.S Diamantina Memorial

The H.M.A.S Diamantina, named after the Diamantina River in Queensland, is a River-class frigate that served the Royal Australian Navy. Constructed in the mid-1940s, Diamantina was active from 1945 until 1946, was placed in reserve, then was recommissioned as a survey ship from 1959 until 1980. The frigate carried Lieutenant General Kanda and Vice Admiral Baron Samejima, officers of the Japanese Imperial High Command to the surrender of Torokina on 8 September 1945. She was also involved in the surrenders of Nauru on 13 September and Ocean Island on 1 October; both ceremonies conducted on her quarterdeck.


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